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On BioShock Infinite (with cosplays!)


BioShock Infinite has a special place in my heart. It’s the first shooter I ever played on stream, which is particularly noteworthy because I generally don’t like and am terrible at shooters. I unashamedly did a blind playthrough on easy…and I’d do it again because I like narrative and story, guys. But coming back to how I’d even gotten to Infinite in the first place—I’d seen screenshots and was blown away by the world itself, I’d come across countless cosplays from the game over the years. Always, always it intrigued me.

I realize now it’s because I have a fascination with things that are steampunk—a fascination I never could nail down until I learned more about the world of steampunk (a recommended read is Dr. Perschon’s book, Steampunk FAQ: All That's Left to Know About the World of Goggles Airships and Time Travel). It’s the reason I love Fullmetal Alchemist so much, or why Howl’s Moving Castle and Castle in the Sky are my favourite Ghibli films.

It’s not just that the societies have steam-powered machinery, or that multifunctional prosthetics and gadgets are the norm (that IS why I like cyberpunk, though). I don’t know if I can describe it and I don’t even think I started this blog post in order to do so, but my writing has led me here. I loved BioShock Infinite because it was dreamy. It was ethereal. It was head-in-the-clouds, floating metropolis-hopping, skyhook-riding, trash can hot dog-eating goodness. It was a beautiful depiction of traditional society infused with advanced elements of mech-tech (the Patriots, though!) and it was this that drew me to the game. It’s beautiful.

Visuals and world-building aside, the story is really interesting. There are elements of time travel, multiverse theories, and a general analysis on how life events and trauma can shape us as humans and can shape our morality. Shooting bad guys in video games is all well and good, but give me a reason, give me a narrative, give me REVOLUTION. If you’ve never played it and you’re a fan of steampunk things, you should give it a try.

When I made my Booker DeWitt cosplay, it was a nice melding together of my streaming life with my cosplay life. It’s not a difficult cosplay by any means and, honestly, without the props it’s probably unrecognizable, especially as a genderbend. I’m really glad I decided to make the skyhook!

I was lucky enough to be part of a mini group with Catherine Banman and her daughter for this year’s Edmonton Expo—they cosplayed as Elizabeth (Burial at Sea DLC) and Little Sister (BioShock) alongside my Booker from Infinite. I like to call it my Summer Suit DLC cosplay because it was hot out, so I traded my original long-sleeved shirt and long pinstriped pants for a lighter top and shorts. Heh. Here are some pictures from the day—nothing too staged (and with a few hall shots) but I still love them!

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