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It's ya girl, Chezza


I’ve had a number of blogs in my time, so this is really nothing new. I used to have a blog dedicated to my creative writing. There was another I used for journalism. My food blog was probably the most notable achievement—for five years, I built that page and brand up to be one of the top ten food blogs in Edmonton. It dropped off that list quite some time ago when I moved away from food blogging, but it was extremely fun while it lasted.

I’ve rebranded myself since those days. Here before you stands Chezza, cosplayer and Twitch streamer. I’m known for different things than telling Edmontonians where the best hot pot in the city is (right now, it’s Asian Express—trust).

I know a few people really enjoyed my blog posts during my time on Patreon and I think it’s a good idea to continue that somewhat in the space I’ve created. This blog won’t run by a schedule, nor may I have much rhyme nor reason to post what I post, but it’ll be my writing and that’s all that matters.

It’s important I continue writing, just as it’s important I continue reading. I recently started reviewing a novel I began writing almost a decade ago and it’s something I plan on returning to, now that my writing has grown and been shaped by education, experience, and work over the years. I've also assigned myself a hefty summer reading list that I’ve already made a serious dent in because I read like a frickin’ madman.

Anyway, all this just to tell you that I’m here. I’ll be writing. Stay tuned.

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